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Simpla - Web design and SEO

Dear Sirs,
Our company provides full range of site construction, placement, support and promotion services. We carry out projects of any complexity from model site to difficult interactive web-service or business process automation system development.

To effectively solve business problems in the Internet need a comprehensive approach that covers the entire life cycle of web-sites. The different stages of the work on the site should be designed in such a way as to take into account all the requirements of the other stages.

For example, it's needed to build up site's architecture at the stage of creating the site for successful website promotion, or the site will have to be redone, when promotion starts. We will help you to avoid such situations.

Our advantages

  • We are developing a web site according to the requirements for promotion of the site;
  • To create a site we use our own control system, which guarantees reliable operation of your site, and also confirms the high qualifications of our developers;
  • All of our sites are equipped with comfortable control panel allows you to manage information with ease;
  • We create sites that meet almost all the requirements of search engines - it greatly improves indexing and promotion;
  • Our CMS provides opportunities for individual designing websites and allows the flexibility to modify the modules, based on customer requirements to the architecture of web-site, at the same time you save time and money;
  • We provide comprehensive: we can host your website and order services for its promotion - this will allow you to solve all problems with making one call.

We build sites with CMS based on our own Simpla platform enabling to create friendly management interfaces without wasting time and money. You will gain secure solution constructed in accordance with your demands. This enables functional advantages in comparison with “standard” CMS, which are non scalable and suitable only for standard requirements.

There are some Model web sites, we can upgrade them for your purposes.

We create sites on the base of our own program products. It helps us to find any solutions required by a client in short terms and without mistakes. CMS created by other party does not allow to check and to correct errors during reasonable time period. If it comes to us, we provide your site with lifetime guarantee. 

Once CMS has been finished site would be filled with testing materials and passed to the customer to proceed with their own content. Meanwhile your customer’s staff is trained to deal with site on their own. Site can be filled with customer materials on “a turnkey basis” or collect data from other sites automatically in accordance with agreement, for instance goods characteristics for product catalog.

Our company is engaged in a full range of maintenance and promotion of sites. With us you can be sure that your site will always be up to date. Working closely with the marketing department of your company we will developed a strategy to promote your site in search engines. Our technicians will raise the program optimizing of your site and content editors produce optimized content (content).

In addition to search engine optimization, advertising campaigns are possible for your site. Advertising campaigns will increase the flow of customers point to the right for your company periods. Our experts will select the best for the task of promoting and advertising platforms will conduct an advertising campaign on easy terms.

Web-technologies are constantly upgrading. Currently they enable to create rather complex information systems. We try to keep up with times and use these technologies for various business processes automation and complex web-services construction.

Business automation might improve your staff performance quality enabling them to get free from routine and providing with management system.

Interactive web-services allow to speed up interaction between your staff and clients as well as provide quick access to information with the help of various technologies (SMS, GSM, HTTP and e.t.c.).

Web-systems security issues are getting more and more serious. Our company carries out web-systems security check up for a wide range of threats and attacks in accordance with WASC classification. 

Our Works

We've done many sites. Looking at our works you can find online shops, social networks, portals and individual business automation projects.

Articles and actions


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We present you new license key checking service. Now you can be sure, that you are using legal copy of our product.

Please note that support is only avaible to users with valid license key.

Model web sites

Site card

Basic site. It contains some text pages with small amount of images.

Site price starts from 20 445 rub

Additional information

Home page

It is suitable for building home pages and small sites.

Site price starts from 31 162 rub

Additional information

Company Site

It makes your business easy with Internet support. You are able to demonstrate your products.

Site price starts from 40 558 rub

Additional information

Site with catalog of products

This site allows you to create a hierarchical product catalog with number of sub-levels, take orders for specific products.

Site price starts from 52 929 rub

Additional information

Online store

Main feature of online store is a cart. It allows you to calculate the value of purchases and create orders.

Site price starts from 60 199 rub

Additional information