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Sites actualizing

Site filling with data (content) takes the most important part in site development and promotion process. Modern Search Engines employ intellectual mechanisms enabling to detect the quality of the generated text and its compatibility with users’ queries.

Search engine with good reputation should provide users with correct and full information otherwise users will regard the search engine as non efficient. Given that Search Engines analyze information in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Conformity with search query (relevance) –content shall contain an answer to the request. Conformity degree depends on different parameters: words entry, word form accordance, synonymic constructions, frequency of words occurrence, external links with the wanted words, site and word theme and e.t.c.
  • Human friendly interface –was created as an attempt to stop building site content consisted of Search Engine query words exclusively. Obviously site containing just incoherent words doesn’t have any value. 
  • Uniqueness – information placed on site can’t duplicate the existing one on the Internet. Site representing source of information without scraped content can be regarded as a true useful site for users. Moreover unauthorized information copying supposed to be illegal. In case the author accepts this fact copied links should be accompanied by link to the source. In its turn it causes rating decrease (the more number of external links the lower outrank result). 

Mind the fact that site with interesting content should attract permanent audience i.e. your site is supposed to be interesting from users’ point of view and be visited again and again. On the other hand your site should be business oriented and profitable. In this case the following content features come first: information, well recognized and trustworthy image, advertisement, products and services sales and e.t.c. 

Ability to combine all these peculiarities is about art.

"The correct" site content preparation process step by step:

  • Site purposes and goals setting. Text materials creation in accordance with current requirements. New marketing methods and schemes guarantee sales increase as well as visitors transformation into customers of your products and services displayed on your site.
  • Semantic kernel preparation. Semantic kernel is the set of phrases to be searched by the users directed to your site;
  • Competitors’ resources overview. Competitors development strategy is analyzed at this stage, it helps to avoid costs for processing similar queries or create semantic kernel different from competitors one; 
  • Information collecting step. It’s important to collect information for further copy writing or compose unique information;
  • Articles composing and further modifying for perception improvement. Composing process is tightly connected with semantic kernel. The final text version might seem a bit artificial. Texts should be corrected in order to improve visitors’ perception of the site.
  • Spreadsheets and images development. Different ways of information displaying and structuring help users to get around the site and make reading comfortable;
  • Cross references building. This procedure improves site navigation significantly as well as highlights the key points and links the site pages to particular phrases.

Mind the fact that it’s constant work requiring maximum attention to keep your site filled with correct and up to date content. Our SEO specialists are always there for you to help.

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Model web sites

Site card

Basic site. It contains some text pages with small amount of images.

Site price starts from 20 445 rub

Additional information

Home page

It is suitable for building home pages and small sites.

Site price starts from 31 162 rub

Additional information

Company Site

It makes your business easy with Internet support. You are able to demonstrate your products.

Site price starts from 40 558 rub

Additional information

Site with catalog of products

This site allows you to create a hierarchical product catalog with number of sub-levels, take orders for specific products.

Site price starts from 52 929 rub

Additional information

Online store

Main feature of online store is a cart. It allows you to calculate the value of purchases and create orders.

Site price starts from 60 199 rub

Additional information