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Search Engine Optimization

SEO or site promotion is a work package aiming to promote site in search engines and attract target visitors. The main advantage of this customer acquisition variant is its so-called low price: taking into account the sum you spent on one visitor, we can see that price for a target visitor of the site with SEO is 5-9 times lower than the one with contextual and banner advertising. Let me remind you that any phase of site building both ideological and technical is important for your site promotion. Consequently the site developer should be aware of any peculiarities the SEO specialists may face to carry out SEO successfully. Nowadays successful SEO cannot be carried out without cutting edge technologies implementation to the site program modules. Our specialists keep track of new SEO technologies and requirements published officially in Search Engines’ reference source to develop our products up to date. Having your site developed by our team you will get a product technically prepared for SEO and no technical corrections are required.

Main SEO technologies

You should remember that SEO process implies empirical nature while there is no deterministic (precise) algorithm to promote any site to Search Engine top position. The thing is that from Search Engine’s point of view, site optimization is about to effect search results and correspondingly Search Engines try to keep search results more correct from time to time. Consequently Search Engines are apt to change ranking algorithms (search ranking) and make difficult optimization process.

Means of promotion can be divided into legal and illegal (black hat SEO). Illegal means of promotion (auto-registration to message board, spammy sites, electronic junk mail, links dump by means of automated links exchange systems and e.t.c. ) are under control of Search Engines and as a result site turns to be ignored by search ranking for some years or forever. Usually control process is not fast enough, i.e. the site seems to move up then suddenly disappears from the ranking list.

Here is the list of legal means of promotion:

Site technical component preparation - editable SEO fields, human friendly links option, not existing pages processing for websites with dynamic content, duplicate web pages removing, Last-Modified header application and mechanisms to modify URI to human friendly.

Web pages layout processing means markup language elements involvement on conceptual level to detach conceptual text elements.

Web pages hierarchy development – promotion efficiency depends greatly on site structure.

Site content management (more information on Site Update).

Web-server configuration for site building – the web server we use for site development should be configured to provide correct headers and site availability at any time.

Site popularization – search engines examine your site authoritativeness on the Internet. We take into account publications copied from the site, the number of external links to it and different sources references about it. Besides we make sure theme of the sites referring to your site matches.

Our specialists use only legal means of promotion. We do not put at risk our clients’ sites. Our goal is a lifetime fruitful cooperation.


Since there is no general algorithm for site promotion we cannot guarantee 100% result of site promotion. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the search engine won’t change indexing algorithms (this effects rating definitely). On the other hand we can always take countermeasures and get your position back later. We are ready to share with our clients risks regarding changes to search engines ranking parameters. You should remember that your goal is not to get position in search engine ranking list but to get net revenue with your site that’s why we suppose that money spent on site promotion should be repaid.

An average price site promotion starts from 20 000 RUR per month. Our optimization specialists prepare specification (its sum depends on both search queries and your site status) after picking the key search queries and competitors analysis.

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Model web sites

Site card

Basic site. It contains some text pages with small amount of images.

Site price starts from 20 445 rub

Additional information

Home page

It is suitable for building home pages and small sites.

Site price starts from 31 162 rub

Additional information

Company Site

It makes your business easy with Internet support. You are able to demonstrate your products.

Site price starts from 40 558 rub

Additional information

Site with catalog of products

This site allows you to create a hierarchical product catalog with number of sub-levels, take orders for specific products.

Site price starts from 52 929 rub

Additional information

Online store

Main feature of online store is a cart. It allows you to calculate the value of purchases and create orders.

Site price starts from 60 199 rub

Additional information