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Company Site

The main purpose: Introduce Company, present their range of products and inform about ongoing promotion activities.


This site suits companies performing a small range of products. You can manage a small products catalog consisting of products sections (you are not enabled to create sections within sections).

Site will help you to build complex pages hierarchy within site sections, maintain news line, post information about ongoing corporate activities and place such kind of information in announcement blocks. Site visitors will be able to send their feedbacks to guestbook (or to “feedback module”) and orders to your email box by means of feedback form.  

Site management features: 

  • Unlimited number of sections creation;
  • Unlimited number of pages creation in every site section;
  • Automated menu formation;
  • Text automated design with the help of visual editor (7 variants to choose from);
  • Unlimited number of files downloading to every page/section;
  • Unlimited number of images downloading and automated size compression;
  • Scaled up image popup effect after a click;
  • News line maintenance performing complete news text by a click;
  • Special offers section handling;
  • New / casual special offers announcements in the particular site block;
  • One-level catalog creation (sections-positions);
  • Visitors messages received through guest book (feedbacks);
  • Anti-spam robots images (capcha);
  • Forbidden lexis filter in feedbacks;
  • Unwanted users messages filter;
  • Feedback form for fast messages/orders sending to your email;
  • Basic SEO-adaptation for promotion;
  • Short references are enabled;
  • Backups function for your data security;
  • Site templates and css-files handling.

Package services:

  • Model creation based on a template from our Design gallery with adaptation on demand;
  • Drughtmanship of 3 additional pages design layout (Catalog, News, Guestbook); 
  • Model layout in html-code accordance with W3C standards;
  • 3 additional models design layout;
  • Company site construction with modules: Page editor (with sections), News, Special offers, Product catalog, Guestbook/Feedbacks, Templates, Backups, Settings;
  • Required site pages structure construction;
  • Site testing on our site;
  • Site transfer to our or client’s hosting (check with account manager hosting details).

Price for Company site construction : 40 558 RUR (services and modules are performed with a discount of 15%).

Offer features: 

  • Company site with unique design will cost 49 717 RUR (a discount of 15%)
  • Finished site filling with client’s materials – 250 RUR per page ;
  • Site in different languages increases price for 30%;
  • Advanced functionality of SEO adaptation (check with account manager the list and functions price);
  • Any functions and modules can be added – price will be discussed.