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Site rent

Site rent helps you to start business on Internet without serious investments. You can pay site building services as far as you get income from site.

Rental sites don’t differ from sites for sale. We create exclusive site for you (ready for sale) and place it at our hosting. You can buy out it at any time for its full price – besides you can get complete files archive and deploy it at any hosting (or at ours) for more profitable price. 

Rental sites price is calculated in the following way*: 

Rent plan A: During the first 2 months of rent – Price will be 40% of site price for 2 months site price. 

Rent plan B: During 4 months of rent – (for 3, 4 months in case of rent prolongation) – 15% of site price for one month. 

Rent plan C: During 6 months of rent (for 5, 6 months in case of rent prolongation) – 12% for each month. 

Rent plan D: During more than 8 months of rent (for each month after 6 months of rent) – 10% for each month.

* Price calculation period covers rental start date. Price includes site placement at our hosting without limitations. 

Model Sites rent price:

Site Card

This is a site of basic level. It usually contains some text pages with small amount of images.

Preliminary site rent price per month (A/B/C/D): 4 090/3 067/2 454/2 045 RUR.   

Home page

This variant is perfect for personal page creation and small sites. The main purpose is images placement in some sections and feedback maintenance.

Preliminary site rent price per month (A/B/C/D): 6 233/4 675/3 740/3 117 RUR.

Company site

Ideal variant for business on line support. It enables to display small range of products. Site provides news, special offers publication, feedbacks option through guest book as well as receive orders sent via order form.

Preliminary site rent price per month (A/B/C/D): 8 112/6 084/4 867/4 056 RUR.

Site with catalog of products

Improved Company Site variant. Additionally this site enables to create hierarchical catalog with small amount of sub sections levels, place new catalog products announcements, receive orders for particular products and keep record of orders from the site.

Preliminary site rent price per month (A/B/C/D): 10 586/7 940/6 352/5 293 RUR.

Online shop

The key peculiarity of online shop is a cart enabling to calculate total value of orders and issue a bill. Besides site functionality is similar to Site with catalog of products.

Preliminary site rent price per month (A/B/C/D): 12 040/9 030/7 224/6 020 RUR.

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Check you product key!

We present you new license key checking service. Now you can be sure, that you are using legal copy of our product.

Please note that support is only avaible to users with valid license key.

Model web sites

Site card

Basic site. It contains some text pages with small amount of images.

Site price starts from 20 445 rub

Additional information

Home page

It is suitable for building home pages and small sites.

Site price starts from 31 162 rub

Additional information

Company Site

It makes your business easy with Internet support. You are able to demonstrate your products.

Site price starts from 40 558 rub

Additional information

Site with catalog of products

This site allows you to create a hierarchical product catalog with number of sub-levels, take orders for specific products.

Site price starts from 52 929 rub

Additional information

Online store

Main feature of online store is a cart. It allows you to calculate the value of purchases and create orders.

Site price starts from 60 199 rub

Additional information