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Business automation

Business automation systems implementation increases your company quality characteristics. These systems are supposed to speed up particular staff activities, interaction between them, split of responsibilities and task fulfillment control.

Any activity can be automated though only accounting automation and customer relationship management systems became the most popular. These systems are developed thoroughly but they offer standard functionality and don’t meet individual requirements of a certain business.

We develop individual automation systems dealing with specific issues of a certain business in particular. You will gain an advantage over your competitors since your business becomes more efficient, fast and cost saving.

The main advantage is fast automation systems integration, developed by Simpla, with your company web sites. This enables to attract a wide range of clients to your business process. Besides you can forget about increasing working load (as well as staff quantity) since automation systems will help.

The main advantages provided by business automation systems:

  • Routine activities for company staff decrease.
    Particular interfaces might be developed to the ease of activities produced by your staff. A wide range of tasks can be solved in a program way: typical documents, calculations, accountings creation and project status information delivery to clients.
  • Split of responsibilities between roles.
    Each staff member is assigned to a particular role. The same employees should not waste time for similar tasks or confuse each other causing mistakes in the performance results.
  • Data safety maintenance. 
    System is enabled to track changes performed by staff and manage their areas of responsibility. It helps to increase data safety quality significantly.
  • Your staff assistance.
    System can remind your account manager to give a call to a customer.
  • Remote access.
    System’s users are able to receive and process information remotely through Internet and sms.
  • Employee’s results control.
    System enables to track your employees’ results.

Business automation system development process should be launched in close cooperation with our project specialist. He will be responsible for all workflow steps: from goals and purposes setting for automation system till system implementation to your company activity.

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Model web sites

Site card

Basic site. It contains some text pages with small amount of images.

Site price starts from 20 445 rub

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Home page

It is suitable for building home pages and small sites.

Site price starts from 31 162 rub

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Company Site

It makes your business easy with Internet support. You are able to demonstrate your products.

Site price starts from 40 558 rub

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Site with catalog of products

This site allows you to create a hierarchical product catalog with number of sub-levels, take orders for specific products.

Site price starts from 52 929 rub

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Online store

Main feature of online store is a cart. It allows you to calculate the value of purchases and create orders.

Site price starts from 60 199 rub

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