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Why using simpla?

The so-called package site management systems (CMS) are very popular nowadays. The set of modules (packages) for solving particular number of issues is the main feature. When some developers use such CMS for constructing site with individual design (often they do not own the package and borrow it from any available source) they face some problems:

  1. There is a number of “additional” functions not needed but these ones may distract your attention in site control panel;
  2. Since CMS is sold in one package you have to pay more for not needed modules and functions;
  3. Most probably the package will not satisfy your requirements for functionality – that’s why you have to improve modules on your own;
  4. Since package CMS are usually bought by developers at any available source (or borrowed for free, without any guarantee), the developer usually possesses shallow knowledge of the product that inevitably increases price for required functionality construction;
  5. The developer can hardly eliminate errors and faults since he possesses shallow knowledge of the product;
  6. Terms of individual project construction are supposed to be eternal;
  7. You should not expect the developer to carry out loading abilities test of the project, that’s why there is nothing to say about reliable site workflow online, it may turn out that the site doesn’t cope with load as soon as the site is linked to Internet and the first visitors log on it.

With all above you’d better to contact our company and be our client. Initially we designed platform for individual projects building and that means your site will be created in optimized way and in shortest terms.

We train specialists responsible for site construction and the platform is performed between only trained specialists – that means you can be sure about professionalism of the staff taking care of your future site.