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Simpla Platform abilities

Platform core is responsible for fundamental functions of site management control panel. The kind of functions utilized in site management control panel as itself fully depends on CMS core.

Simpla Platform core functionalities:

  • MVC model workflow (Model-View-Controller) – Simpla Platform uses three main components: Data archive (some kinds, including files), Business logics for data handling in accordance with incoming quires and Web template system enabling to place data on pages in a more refined way;
  • Data archive utilizes unified interface allowing to interfere in a clear way with a wide range of data archives from (DBMS) to data kept within files;
  • Business logic is implemented at the components level, each level possesses elements of data and logic manipulation for different data representation variants handling;
  • Web template system helps to combine logic representations for different web pages taking into account different specifications that allows to manage web pages blocks in the easiest way;
  • Template engine enables you to use nesting loops and variables while building templates, manipulate template process within the template; 
  • Type system provides atomic representation of CMS data for producing different CMS lines representations as well as building CMS interfaces at configuration level in shortest terms;
  • Access control system covers every CMS level from global and components one to access level;
  • Multi languages mode provides with modules using several languages;
  • Backups function is installed to all our products and guarantees your data security;
  • Efficiency – there is advanced cache engine in the core enabling to cache dynamic pages;
  • SEO–optimization – we pay special attention to the optimization functionality of our sites for search engine, the core provides with the following: humanlike links, correct meta and title settings, 404 error handling, correct Last-Modified settings, 304 Not Modified status creation, query parameters execution control, unnecessary parameters control, language sub domains involvement and etc.