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Modules list

The approximate list of modules will help you to get the whole view of the functions you would like to activate on your site:

Module name Module description
Content modules – data maintenance is processed mainly by the moderator through the admin control panel
Pages editor
Standard pages It enables to create the unlimited number of site pages
Pages with sections It enables to create the unlimited number of site sections with built in pages
Pages (∞ built in structure) It enables to build in sections within each other with unlimited built in structure
News line It enables to maintain news line, each news can be viewed in a more detailed way
News with headings It enables to handle news line with news divided into groups
News archive for periods News line enabling to view archive of periods
The last/casual news announcement News announcement in a separate site block
Special offers
Special offers It enables to post special offers
The casual / last announcements Special offer announcement in a separate site block
Information list: Presentation/Certificate/Price-lists/Vacancies/ and etc.
To pick from, 1 pc It enables to manage the data list in a comfortable way
Photo gallery
Photo gallery Photo galleries posting in several sections, each photograph is editable
Product catalog
Catalog (heading-position) Standard catalog without built in headings
Catalog (2 built in heading-position) Catalog with headings and subheadings
Catalog (∞ built in headings-positions) Complex catalog enabling to create unlimited built in headings
Casual/new goods announcement It enables to announce goods in a separate block
Fast order form  A visitor can send an order for any good
Cart It calculates the total sum and issue the orders
Orders archive It provides the site with orders archive
Orders handling in stages It allows to keep and handle orders on the site 
Price lists export into Excel Price lists default formation for catalog sections or as a whole
Data import from 1C (xml format) Automated changes loading to catalog from 1C
Data import from Excel/MoExcel/CSV (xls/mxl/csv) Automated changes loading to catalog from different formats
Interactive – modules main data are processed by users or made of other modules
Users registration to the site
Users registration to the site It enables to identify users and involve modules requiring registration
Site search engine
Site search engine It helps to find required data in different modules
Site search engine (with ranking) It enables to arrange search results in accordance with priority 
Guest book/feedbacks
Guest book/feedbacks Site users will be able to send you messages as well as it involves unwanted messages filter
Casual / last feedbacks announcements Feedbacks deployment in a separate site block
FAQ with pre-moderation It enables to receive questions from users and to post answers
Photo gallery with comments mode
Photo gallery with comments mode In addition to standard gallery, it enables users to comment on the photo
Tests It enables users to post different tests
Test announcement It is important for tests announcements in a separate site block
Polls It enables to carry out site polls and keep record of results
Chat Chat providing private messages supported by AJAX technology
Casual / last messages announcement Chat messages announcement in a separate site block
Standard forum (themes-posts) Guestbook extension, any post can be commented
Forum with headings Standard forum with headings providing new themes creation
Forum statistics announcements It enables to track current forum activity
Casual/last messages announcement Forum messages announcement in a separate site block
Feedback form/order
Feedback form/order It enables to send email with the help of order form
Tag cloud
Tag cloud It represents tag cloud for tag search
Additional interactive modules (any one can be implemented!)
Products calculator It helps to calculate price for complex product sets
On line Central Bank exchange rate It is linked to Central bank site
The other site information observation It helps to observe the other site promotion activities
SMS sending/receiving SMS services integration into your site
GPS location information receiver It enables to position interactively objects on the map
Information remote handling Information automated handling on demand from outside
Service – modules responsible for general platform functionality and others modules
Backups It enables to create site status control stages
Templates representation handling
Templates handling Templates are changeable, blocks can be managed on the pages
CSS-files handling It enables to edit files with styles
Basic CEO adaptation
Meta and title handling in modules All modules support meta tags and page heading handling
Global meta and title specification Opportunity that specifies default values for the whole site
Short references It enables to use humanlike links
404 error handling Errors generation caused by pages wrong queries
Advanced CEO adaptation
GET parameters control Pages links parameters check and change modules
Last-Modified mode for pages Date set up of document modification
304 status (If-Modified-since) "304 status-not modified" set up upon re-entering to the pages
Productivity increasing
Cache mode provided by the server Productivity increasing by local cache processing
Browser caching Cache processing in browsers to relieve server from loading
Language mode
Different languages mode Each module can process data in different languages
Interactive languages switching Adding/deleting active site language
Data storage management
Data storage switching mode Data storage switching within an active site
Separate data storages for different modules Separate data storage for each module